If you're a #GameOfThrones fan & had a dozen questions about the final season, those of us in the insurance industry had even tougher questions! 🧐 *Warning: May contain spoilers. https://t.co/L5LVqjXPrY #RiskManagement

So, what do you think does it take to be rich in America? --->
"Being rich in New York City is more about cash than real estate" https://t.co/CYNJsvpC6x via @luxury #MoneyTalk

Trucking company involved in I-70 crash only carries $750K of liability insurance https://t.co/MNRMDCImr7 via @KDVR

How important is it to have enough insurance coverage? This case shows exactly how much! #LiabilityInsurance is necessary in all states, but not all coverage is... https://t.co/RPkcYBTQIv

👉 Construction accidents happen. We hope the ongoing investigation into the cause of the accident sheds more light on who is responsible, and ensures that proper steps are taken to avoid similar incidents... https://t.co/n2jlmQ88Xa

*Darin Barton* was panhandling near the scene when the crash happened. When the cab of the truck rolled over and flames ignited, he quickly dropped the sign he was holding and ran toward the cars. 🙌 #Hero https://t.co/uZR6Xf2lNT

Ever been curious what an insurance appraisal is? It’s an evaluation by a claims representative to estimate the amount of damage to your property or vehicle, and the cost to repair them.

Happy #EarthDay! Take time today to reflect on what you can do to make this planet a little greener. If we work together, the smallest changes can make a big difference.

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